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I’m Ellen Chapman, a PhD student at William and Mary and maintainer of this blog!

After completing my Masters in Palaeopathology at Durham University in 2009, I’m now studying the use of human remains to examine questions of health disparities in historic America. I also have about four years of field archaeology experience in the US (California, Nevada, Missouri, Alabama, Virginia) and the UK (Pembrokeshire, Durham, Kent) from both contract archaeology/CRM and academic perspectives.

I have found myself drawn to historical archaeology because of the questions available to me through the marriage of documentary, skeletal, and archaeological information. Specifically, one major interest of mine is why historic groups in American migrated and what the implications of migration was, particularly for European emigrants in the 18th and 19th centuries. Another interest is the impact of institutions on health and the intersection between processes of confinement, labour and drug therapy, and patient resistance and stigma. I have also been involved with a project that has sought heritage protection for Africatown, the historic African-American community in Pritchard, Alabama, where slaves transported on the Clotilde slave ship founded a community in 1865.

Side interests of mine include the interaction (and lack thereof) between commercial archaeology/CRM and the academic and research sectors, science and evolution education in the US, and public perceptions of anthropology.


Written by diggingellen

February 4, 2011 at 7:55 pm

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